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New Year’s Resolutions…

Posted by Tim on Jan 18, 2010

1.) Rock (done)
2.) Rock harder than last year (done even more)
3.) Buy 3 new CDs…and I mean like actual physical CDs
[I already met this one too: bought Muse (The Resistance), Mutemath (Armistice), and Swell Season. All 3 are very badass!]
4.) Work out 3 times a week
(not doing too badly on this one. Averaging 2.5 times a week)
5.) Knowing when to put my iPhone down for a nap each day
(uhhh…we’ll come back to that)
6.) Rock like we’ve never rocked before
(I think we’re pretty darn close already on this one)
7.) Make Matt eat something over 800 calories (still no success on this one)
8.) Get van heater fixed
(still surviving on faith…dang that Ft. Worth trip to the Stockyards was cold!)
9.) Buy new drums!
(well…I bought new Pro Mark sticks and EC2 drumheads…that’s a start)
10.) Start recording ideas for next album
(Pro Tools system is burning bright…ready to accept some new songs)

1 Comment »

Rob Welch:

I particularly like #10.. very, very much….

Glad to see the Diary back in action!!!

February 5th, 2010 | 3:03 pm