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On the bonny banks of Lochrann’s

Posted by Brek on Jan 30, 2010

Wow! Last night at Lochrann’s in Frisco, Tx – Fri, Jan 29th was a magical night. The amazing response and overwhelming turnout of our wonderful fans was incredible! I think this night topped the last Lochrann’s visit for the KDs back in Nov 2009. Lochrann’s is a great pub to see us perform. Their stage is just the right size for all of us to fit onto (barely). Nice and snug like a puzzle, with our electronics, gear and gizmos sitting right on the floor in front of the stage, plus the drum riser for Tim’s drums literally less than 2 feet from me standing behind my mic. :) It’s the perfect stage/pub for the crowd to either take a back seat at a table and enjoy dinner and drinks from a short distance, or take in the sounds of the band from “standing room only” directly up front at the stage. Lots of energy…
Setup and sound check went perfectly (although it was probably the coldest night ever for load-in and load-out for the band). We pulled a last minute decision to park in front of the pub on Frisco’s main drag of traffic so we could have a straight shot to the stage with the gear. Yes…it was snowing! Ok – so that was really cold, windy and quick. I think everyone and their brother helped us get the gear in this time.
The show went off w/o a hitch, the entire house was in the zone with us from start to finish…and let’s just say it reached new levels. Then at the wee hours after the show we loaded out the back door of the pub and Man! it was even colder. I think my little guitar fingers were starting to get frozen into a curved position like I was lifting handles on musical gear cases permanently! With the van heater currently not working our good friend and fan Rick (Fireman/EMT from DFD/University Park), tried his best to give a fix to ‘ole Bessie…but to no avail! And he did try really hard. Unlucky. So…we had a nice cold ride back to KD HQ. Needless to say with the help again of everyone’s brother we were able to load the gear in the trailer and get to KD homeland before dawn.
Lots of sleep after that one! Going to bed at breakfast time – just another “day in the life” of Rock-n-Roll!!
Thanks again KD friends and fans for making our night at Lochrann’s a great night to remember. I look forward to the next one in March – on Friday the 12th, although since it is outdoors under a big St. Paddy’s tent, it should be a bit warmer! :-)

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Rob Welch:

Lochrann’s is a great place to see you guys! If you’re in the front room, there is a connection with the band that just can’t be found anywhere else. And you guys feed off the crowd, creating a synergy that is just awesome….

February 15th, 2010 | 12:11 pm